• The association

    The EMA is the European trade body representing electronic money issuers, and other innovative payment service providers. Members include electronic money institutions (EMIs), payment institutions (PIs), banks and payment schemes.

  • What the EMA does

    The EMA acts as a forum for industry, enabling the sharing of know-how and the development of good practice. It represents its members in discussions with governments, EU organisations, consumer bodies and other interested parties. The association strives to increase the competitiveness of the payments industry and to provide guidance for new products and services.

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Innovation in payments

Innovation in payments is driven by competition, facilitated by technology, and will usually deliver value to consumers and merchants. In the last few years, the most successful innovations in payments have been those that offer payments in areas that were either un-served or under-served, such as online and mobile commerce, or those that offer access to customers who were previously excluded, or payments within a new business or social interactions. In all cases, products succeed when they bring benefits to every participant in the payment chain.

The Voice of industry

The EMA represents the views and interests of its members in dialogue with governments, public bodies and customer organisations. Its work includes international regulatory initiatives dealing with financial crime, European initiatives dealing with payments regulation, as well as online security. Members meet regularly to share experience and know-how, and to develop good practice.

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Join the EMA

New members of the EMA will benefit from the experience and know-how that has been built up over more than a decade. Members are able to raise issues and have them resolved with other industry players, an approach that has benefited all those involved. The EMA can effectively share know-how in areas of common interest such as fighting crime, IT security and promoting good practice. Members can engage with regulators, public institutions, and representatives of consumer bodies on a monthly basis, increasing their understanding of the business environment in which they operate.

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