Benefits of joining the EMA

The EMA helps its members influence regulatory developments, navigate compliance obligations and develop common practices. Members share knowledge and know-how in operational matters, enabling better risk management, more effective deterrence and prevention of financial crime, and a responsible approach to customer service.

Membership package includes

  • Monthly regulatory round-up call with updates from subject matter experts covering all aspects of regulatory develpoments
  • Weekly newsletter of tailored regulatory EU, global and local developments affecting e-money & payments sector
  • Access to all EMA member meetings, including branch meetings, working group meetings, subcommittee meetings, and any ad-hoc training or workshop sessions.
  • Document repository of 1000s of briefings, jurisdiction comparison tables and other resources to assist compliance
  • Access to subject matter experts with 20+ years experience dealing with e-money/payments regulation

Here’s what you could gain by joining the EMA:


Be informed: the EMA has led the industry’s contribution to legislation and regulatory initiatives for more than two decades. It is responsible for a range of innovations in regulatory practices and has facilitated the offering of a range of new payment services. Members are always up to date on regulatory developments and can react promptly to maintain compliance and competitiveness.

Be connected: through the EMA’s contacts with governments, regulators, EU public institutions, service providers and global institutions.

Be a pioneer: the EMA is at the forefront of innovative technical, legal and regulatory developments, as members seek to address business problems and develop common solutions.

Be global: the association understands developments across the UK and the EEA, tracks individual member state implementations of legislation, and tracks developments across the world.


Be heard: the EMA gives the industry a strong voice, which has consistently sought and enabled changes to existing and new legislation to facilitate business and bring new payment products to market.

  • It promotes member interests by responding to UK and European and government consultations that impact on the e-money, payments and crypto sector
  • It champions the interests of member with regulators, national and international bodies, including the EU Commission, the EU Parliament, ESAs and the FATF
  • It engages with law enforcement, and financial intelligence units
  • It engages with consumer groups and when required with individual customers

We sit on:

  • European Payments Council Board
  • Euro Retail Payments Board (ERPB) which governs SEPA
  • EU Commission Payment Services Market Experts Group (advises the Commission)
  • ECB Digital Euro Scheme Rulebook Development Group
  • EBA Expert Group on the Fund Transfer Regulation and Cryptoassets
  • UK Open Banking Steering Group
  • UK Joint Money Laundering Steering Group
  • UK and Irish Law Enforcement Public Private Partnerships
  • Central Bank of Ireland Financial Services Forum
  • CBI Retail Payments Forum
  • Bank of Lithuania Payments Council


Be known: with more than 90 members drawn from e-money issuers and payment institutions across Europe and internationally, the EMA provides a vibrant forum in which to exchange ideas. Discussions range from current issues in e-money regulation to anti-money laundering, IT security and innovation in payment services.

Be involved: members engage with regulators, law enforcement, consumer representatives, professionals and other members who present at EMA meetings monthly.

Joining the EMA

If you are interested in joining the EMA, please email Thaer Sabri, the EMA CEO at