EMA meetings 2024

The EMA organises monthly meetings for its members. EMA (hybrid) meetings are held every second Wednesday of the month in our offices in Brussels, Belgium, or Surbiton, UK. The subcommittees typically occur on alternate months. The EMA local chapter meetings take place on a quarterly basis, alternating between hybrid and fully remote meetings.

2024 EMA meetings schedule

10 JanuaryMonthly EMA meeting & AML Subcommittee
18 JanuaryEMA Public Policy WG
24 JanuaryEMA Cryptoasset WG
25 JanuaryEMA Open Banking WG
1 FebruaryEMA Malta meeting
8 FebruaryEMA Public Policy WG
14 FebruaryMonthly EMA meeting & Fraud Subcommittee
22 FebruaryEMA Lithuania meeting
28 FebruaryEMA Cryptoasset WG
29 FebruaryEMA Luxembourg meeting
7 MarchEMA Public Policy WG
13 MarchMonthly EMA meeting & AML Subcommittee
21 MarchEMA Ireland meeting
27 MarchEMA Cryptoasset WG
28 MarchEMA Open Banking WG
4 AprilEMA Public Policy WG
10 AprilMonthly EMA meeting & Fraud Subcommittee
24 AprilEMA Cryptoasset WG
2 MayEMA Public Policy WG
8 MayMonthly EMA meeting & AML Subcommittee
22 MayEMA Cryptoasset WG
23 MayEMA Luxembourg meeting
23 MayEMA Open Banking WG
30 MayEMA Ireland meeting
6 JuneEMA Public Policy WG
12 JuneMonthly EMA meeting & Fraud Subcommittee
26 JuneEMA Cryptoasset WG
4 JulyEMA Public Policy WG
10 JulyMonthly EMA meeting & AML Subcommittee
24 JulyEMA Cryptoasset WG
8 AugustEMA Public Policy WG
14 AugustMonthly EMA meeting
28 AugustEMA Cryptoasset WG
5 SeptemberEMA Public Policy WG
5 SeptemberEMA Ireland meeting
11 SeptemberMonthly EMA meeting & AML/Fraud (TBC) Subcommittee
25 SeptemberEMA Cryptoasset WG
26 SeptemberEMA Luxembourg meeting
3 OctoberEMA Public Policy WG
9 OctoberMonthly EMA meeting & AML/Fraud (TBC) Subcommittee & AGM
23 OctoberEMA Cryptoasset WG
7 NovemberEMA Public Policy WG
13 NovemberMonthly EMA meeting & AML/Fraud (TBC) Subcommittee
27 NovemberEMA Cryptoasset WG
5 DecemberEMA Public Policy WG
5 DecemberEMA Ireland meeting
9 DecemberEMA Luxembourg meeting
11 DecemberMonthly EMA meeting & AML/Fraud (TBC) Subcommittee

If you are interested in becoming an EMA member and in joining these meetings please contact Thaer Sabri.

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