EMA Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Branch of the Electronic Money Association is an exclusive group of e-money issuers and non-bank payment service providers holding regulatory authorisation in Luxembourg.

Our membership comprises e-money institutions and payment institutions only, meaning our engagement opportunities, working groups, policy and lobbying efforts are strictly focused on regulatory issues that specifically impact the e-money and payments business. 

Our current areas of focus are emerging European legislation including PSD3/PSR, Instant Payments, the AML Package, MICAR, FIDA and CBDCs. We meet quarterly in Luxembourg where members engage with the CSSF on European and local regulatory developments impacting the e-money and payments business. 

EMA Luxembourg 2024 – planned events 

EventAgenda themeTime and venue
Q1 Members meeting
29 February 2024 
PSD3 and the PSR: 
Key regulatory developments at European level 
12.30pm – 2.30pm CET 
13 Avenue de la Liberté, 
Luxembourg, L-1931
Q2 Members meeting
23 May 2024
AML Package:
Implementing the AML Regulations in the e-money and payments business 
12.30pm – 2.30pm CET 
13 Avenue de la Liberté, 
Luxembourg, L-1931
Q3 Members meeting 
26 September 2024 
Financial Data Access Framework (FIDA): 
Exploring opportunities for EMIs  
12.30pm – 2.30pm CET 
13 Avenue de la Liberté, 
Luxembourg, L-1931
Q4 Members meeting
9 December 2024
Digital Operational Resilience (DORA):
Compliant for January 2025 
12.30pm – 2.30pm CET 
13 Avenue de la Liberté, 
Luxembourg, L-1931

Joining the EMA Luxembourg Branch includes all benefits associated with joining the overall international EMA organisation. This can be a strategic move for the EMI or PI operating on a pan-European or EU / UK basis. This includes: 

  • Access to all EMA member meetings, including branch meetings, working group meetings, subcommittee meetings, and any ad-hoc training or workshop sessions
  • Direct access to European and UK regulators to put your views forward and shape policy 
  • Weekly horizon scanning report of tailored regulatory EU, global and local developments affecting e-money & payments sector
  • Extensive document repository of briefings, jurisdiction comparison tables and other resources to assist regulatory compliance
  • Access to subject matter experts with 20+ years experience dealing with e-money/payments regulation including ex-regulators.

Previous meetings

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For more information on the EMA Luxembourg chapter contact luxembourg@e-ma.org