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We are asking the co-legislators to keep the use of e-money gift cards and vouchers and abstain from introducing mandatory customer identification for such products in the proposed Anti-Money Laundering Regulation.

#AML #eurocommerce #giftcards

The EMA co-signed an industry statement on the AMLR trilogue negotiations, calling on the co-legislators to ensure a level playing field amongst all fintech providers when it comes to their obligations to perform CDD on their customers.

What are the main issues relating to the cryptocurrency industry and #ESG? Our new report in partnership with @Clifford_Chance provides an overview of why it is important and where progress can be made.

The EMA co-signed a joint industry Call to Action to safeguard the Customer Due Diligence exemption for low-risk, low-value e-money products in the upcoming AML Regulation.

The EMA co-signed an industry letter to the European Commission on amending the Settlement Finality Directive alongside the implementation of the SCT Inst legislation and thus creating a true level playing field for all actors in the field of payments.