EMA conference 2015: EU and global payments regulation

The Electronic Money Association (EMA) held its 5th EMA conference in Brussels on 20-21 October 2015 at the Metropole Hotel. The conference explored issues raised by the new legislation in the EEA.

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New legislation impacting payment services in the EEA has raised as many questions as it has addressed. This includes the Fourth Money Laundering Directive (4MLD), the Fund Transfer Regulation (FTR), the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), and the Interchange Fee Regulation (IFR).

The EMA conference 2015 took a close look at the issues that have not yet been resolved or which will now be considered by the European Banking Authority as they draft technical standards or guidelines. The conference did focus on other provisions that open up new areas for business, or conversely that have the potential of creating barriers for business.

The conference also took a broader look at regulatory developments in the payments space across the globe, as well as at the regulation of new and emerging payment technologies such as digital currencies.

Speakers included Dr Taiji Inui from the NTT DATA Corporation in Japan, Dr Mehmet Yurkcicek from the Turkish banking and regulation supervision agency, and Wolfgang Maschek, head of EU regulatory and public affairs at Western Union, among many others.

A printable version of the conference programme can be downloaded as a .pdf file (2.85 MB)

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