Finnovex West Africa 2021

Finnovex West Africa 2021 will delve deep into how digitisation of most banking activities is the way forward in addressing the importance of bridging the financial inclusion gap through technology adoption and implementation as a priority for most bank CXOs. The event will be held in a virtual format on 26-27 October 2021.

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West Africa Financial Services sector has attracted a lot of attention in the last few years. Beginning with the Banking and Financial Services Sector, the regulators and different stakeholders have taken steps not only to address the risks in the sector but also prepare existing banks for the growth expected in the West African countries economy.

Covid 19 and the crisis along has brought the possibilities of the digital economy. Africa already leads the world on telecom infrastructure and uptake and innovation in the digital economy. This offers efficiency and productivity gains for African economies. Today it presents a chance to continue to build the economy in the post Covid-19 environment and even for West Africa to aspire to become a global hub for innovation. All they need is support and enable such innovation in the digital economy including in supply chains, consumer services and trade.


  • Accelerating West Africa digital transformation Journey
  • Open Banking to Open Finance – The NEW ERA
  • Financial inclusion: How can fintech’s reach the unbanked?
  • Future Payments landscape in West Africa
  • Driving Artificial Intelligence to Become the Bank of the Future
  • Use of Cloud to create new business frontiers of FinTech & Banking
  • The changing threat landscape in today’s CyberSecurity
  • Modernizing Customer Experience engagement The New wave of Digital Lending platform
  • Leveraging Big Data Analytics in a Post-Covid world
  • Implementing Digital workplace Strategy Nextgen Digital wallet innovation