Thaer Sabri was speaking at Merchant Payments Ecosystem conference

Thaer Sabri, CEO of the EMA was speaking at Merchant Payments Ecosystem conference on 15 February 2017 in Berlin

Thaer was presenting on:

1) likely evolution of payment services over the next few years
2) regulatory trends and the increasing need for a global regulatory arrangement
3) Brexit and immediate impact

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mpe 2017
MPE 2017, Thaer Sabri as a speaker


In the link below you can find the video capturing the event’s highlights including Thaer’s  contribution to the interview:


Payments trends and takeaways from MPE Berlin 2017  – by Payvision

Gijs op de Weegh, COO of Payvision & Acapture, a data-driven omnichannel enterprise, shares an overview with the hottest payments trends and takeaways from this year’s MPE edition.

The 10th anniversary of the Merchant Payments Ecosystem conference, known as MPE Berlin, tackled all the essential themes: payments trends, ecommerce developments, regulation, fraud fighting techniques and, ultimately, what the future holds for the industry. Attending such an exciting forum helped us start the year well informed and focused. We returned more inspired, with new ideas and practices ready to be implemented and with great enthusiasm to create even more value for our merchants and partners. We have compiled a short overview with the hottest payments trends and takeaways.

The overall impressions? MPE Berlin was lively, captivating and insightful. The buzzwords of this edition were data science, IoT, frictionless payments, PSD2, consumer behavior, and machine learning.

As the industry finds itself in a state of constant change and development, we have reached the stage where payments are no longer a dull aspect of commerce. With the evolving technology, payments have acquired a strategic element, turning as Ron Kalifa, chairman of Worldpay said, “from boring to boardroom”.


Data science

As I have mentioned during my presentation, payment providers should focus on creating seamless payments by taking a closer look at authorization flows, reducing fraud and creating a complete payments experience. Additionally, be it local or cross-border ecommerce, it is within the payment providers’ role to ensure that the end consumer experiences seamless payments.

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