Industry letter to ensure that IBAN discrimination no longer occurs

The EMA co-signed an industry letter addressed to the European Commission on IBAN discrimination:

“We urge policymakers and national competent authorities to take a new approach in combating the issue of IBAN discrimination – a practice that has been prohibited for nearly a decade, but which is still widespread across the EU and prevents consumers and businesses from making payments or getting paid. According to data collected by the Accept My IBAN initiative, every month hundreds of people complain that they can’t pay for their phone contracts, rent, newspaper subscriptions, electricity bills, gym memberships, or public transport. What is even more worrying is that in some cases, an IBAN starting with the ‘wrong’ letters can prevent consumers from receiving tax rebates, unemployment benefits and social security payouts.

“Unfortunately, the lack of enforcement, action and strategy to put an end to IBAN discrimination leaves consumers without access to basic services when moving to or purchasing services in another Member State. It also makes companies perceive the EU as a fragmented market where it is harder to do business. As an industry, we call for clear rules, concrete actions and cooperation to stop discrimination.”

Read the full manifesto here

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