Dutch consultation on draft Betting and Gaming Act (deadline: July 21, 2013)

Today the Dutch Ministry of Finance has published its consultation on changes in the Betting and Gaming Act (Betting and Gaming Act), the Betting and Gaming Tax Act (KSB) and some other acts concerning the regulation of remote games of chance. The Ministry also published an English version of the draft law (pdf) and an Explanatory memorandum (pdf).

The new law contains regulatory measures that are set to prevent gambling addiction, including a central register for the exclusion of games of chance3, as well as additional supervision and enforcement powers for the Games of Chance Authority and amendment of the games of chance legislation. The draft bill also contains some detailed requirements with respect to the treatment of non-bank payment instruments and the way in which to identify customers.

The Ema will respond to this consultation. The next step is that the law will be proposed to Dutch Parliament. The law will probably come into effect in 2015.